Saturday, 28 November 2009

Writing Up a Language Research Project

Writing Up a Language Research Project

These subheadings are required by the exam board.

Introduction and Aims
• Discussion of the reasons for choosing the focus of the study
• A hypothesis or research question – what do you hope to achieve from this?
• Aim or aims – do you have any secondary aims – do they vary?
• Are you proving/disproving another theorist/study?

• Describe the methodology you chose for your data collection.
• Explain the reasons for choosing that form of data collection.
• Problems and any ethical considerations encountered/taken into account during the collection process.

• What became evident from your discoveries?
• Analysis and interpretation of data using appropriate linguistic concepts
• Critical consideration of the relevant concepts / issues surrounding the topic area.
• Analysis of the effects of key contextual influences upon the data (what affected your outcomes)

Conclusion / Evaluation
• • An evaluation of the success of the investigation including issues relating to methodology, interpretation of the conclusions drawn from the data and how the study could be extended

• A list of all sources used (paper and web-based).

Appendices - including all data collected and annotations made.

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