Monday, 10 May 2010

Children's Writing

The ways in which a child spells

Doubling consonants – e.g. breezzy, dissappeared
Spell phonetically – e.g. ment, brite
Stressed and unstressed letters – knife = nife, stomach = tomach
Vowel combinations – i.e. ‘I comes before e’ e.g. coulourful
Suffixing and prefixing – e.g. living = liveing
Initial letter – e.g. England = Ingland
Mixing homoephones – Sail and sale etc

Official Titles

Adding extra letters
Leaving out letters
Substituting one letter for another
Reversing correct order of letters in a word
Phonetic Spelling
Using sound awareness to guess combinations of letters
Applying a rule to all similar words, one applying rule to one word
Salient Sounds
Writing only the key sounds.

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